Happy Tummy Kid’s Probiotics


Maintain your little one’s intestinal health with our supremely rich Happy Tummy Kid’s Probiotics.

it is certified.

Happy Tummy Kid’s Probiotics

Happy Tummy Kid’s Probiotics are supremely rich and will help you maintain your little one’s intestinal health.

This children’s supplemental powder contains 7 different strains of naturally occurring bacteria with over billions of organisms that aid your babies digestion and healthy levels of intestinal flora.

If your baby is having an upset stomach our Gut Buddies Infantis Complex will turn that frown upside down while supercharging their immune system so they can avoid sickness everywhere they go!

it is certified.


  • Made with 7 different bioactive enzymes for great digestive help
  • Soothes your babies tummy when experiencing a disrupted gut
  • Easy to take powder form so they don’t have to swallow a pill
  • Improves their immunity to sickness tremendously

Keep your babies digestive health in top-notch shape with our Gut Buddies Infantis Complex and order yours online today!

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 100 × 125 mm


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